Sunday, December 13, 2009

Flex charts automation

Last few months, I was looking for solutions to automate flex charts. Charts automation is different from other GUI functionality automation. Idea is to develop the framework or reusable library, which is the combination of charts and flex objects. Flex is a new technology and support is critical. In other end, Charts verification is different than regular testing. In charts, tester needs to validate the values, position of axes, ticks and colors etc.

I was going through few articles and blogs for flex automation. I tried few commercial tools and few open source tools. I couldn't see any tool is fitting for my requirements. Many tools are having support for Flex environment. But none of the tools are supporting chart automation context sensitive based.

Flex chart requirements

  1. Each pie or bar value
  2. Data point value for each chart area
  3. Data tip or tooltip for each pie or bar or data point
  4. The color series for each object pie or bar or line)
  5. Each axis tick ( X, Y and Y2 axes)
  6. Font style, font size, font color for any object within chart
  7. Data label (pie or bar or line)
  8. Identify legend names
  9. Chart header and footer
  10. Axis values or labels