Monday, January 30, 2012

Performance Testing Guidance from Microsoft

I always admire Microsoft for its documentation. Right from OS to Office applications, you can find good documentation. Microsoft has shared very good articles for performance testing and tuning.

You can find more articles related to Performance testing available from
Patterns & Practices: Performance Testing Guidance
. Just listed only How-TOs part. Thanks to Microsoft!!!

Performance Testing


Load Testing

Stress Testing

Test Cases/Scripting



Workload Modeling

Hope all these links would be useful..

Sunday, January 29, 2012

JVM Monitoring

Couple of our applications are using Tomcat server. JMeter was used as load testing tool. To monitor Java memory, I used two options. One is JMX(Java Management Extensions) console and Psi-Probe.

To implement those options, you should add following entries into

set \ \ \

To access JMX console,Enter command ==> [java_installation]\bin\jconsole hostname:port
To use Probe, you need to deploy in tomcat server instance and then access the probe application.