Sunday, July 10, 2016

Comparison of C# and Java for testers

was talking with few test professionals for C# automation. Team is reluctant to change from Java background to C# technologies. I have used many scripting and programming languages. There is not much variation between Java & C# at core langulage level.

Differences and similarities

Program Entry Pointmain(String ...args) Main() or Main(string [] args)
Smallest Deployment UnitJarEXE/DLL, Private Assembly, Shared Assembly
SigningJar SigningAssembly Signing
Namespacepackage namespace
Including Classesimportusing
Inheritanceclass (extends), interface (implements)class and interface (:)
Visibilityprivate, package,protected, publicprivate, protected, internal,internal protected, public
Abstract Classabstract class X { ... }abstract class X { ... }
Non-Extensible Classfinal class X { ... }sealed class X { ... }
Non-Writable Fieldfinalreadonly
Non-Extensible Methodfinalsealed
Constantstatic finalconst
Checking Instance Typeinstanceofis
Enumsenum, can have fields, methods and implement interfaces and are typesafeenum, cannot have methods,fields or implement interfaces, not typesafe
for-each constructfor (item : collection)
{ ... }
foreach(item in collection)
{ ... }
Switch-Casenumeric types (int,float...) enums, and now strings (in Java 7)numeric types, enums and strings
Method ParametersObject References are passed by Value onlyObject reference are passedby Value(default), ref & out
Variable Argumentsmethod(type... args)Method(params type[] args)
Catching Exceptionstry { ... } catch (Exception ex) {...}try { ... } catch (Exception ex) {...}
Meta TypeClass klass = X.class;Type type = typeof(X);
Meta Information@Annotation[Attribute]
Static classSimulated by private Ctor and static methodsStatic class and ctor with static methods
PropertiesgetProperty(),setProperty()Property { get; set; } compiler generated get_Property() and set_Property() methods

Selenium script on Java & C#
Developed a sample selenium scripting using Java and ported to C#.

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