Sunday, July 10, 2016

Comparison of C# and Java for testers

was talking with few test professionals for C# automation. Team is reluctant to change from Java background to C# technologies. I have used many scripting and programming languages. There is not much variation between Java & C# at core langulage level.

Differences and similarities

Program Entry Pointmain(String ...args) Main() or Main(string [] args)
Smallest Deployment UnitJarEXE/DLL, Private Assembly, Shared Assembly
SigningJar SigningAssembly Signing
Namespacepackage namespace
Including Classesimportusing
Inheritanceclass (extends), interface (implements)class and interface (:)
Visibilityprivate, package,protected, publicprivate, protected, internal,internal protected, public
Abstract Classabstract class X { ... }abstract class X { ... }
Non-Extensible Classfinal class X { ... }sealed class X { ... }
Non-Writable Fieldfinalreadonly
Non-Extensible Methodfinalsealed
Constantstatic finalconst
Checking Instance Typeinstanceofis
Enumsenum, can have fields, methods and implement interfaces and are typesafeenum, cannot have methods,fields or implement interfaces, not typesafe
for-each constructfor (item : collection)
{ ... }
foreach(item in collection)
{ ... }
Switch-Casenumeric types (int,float...) enums, and now strings (in Java 7)numeric types, enums and strings
Method ParametersObject References are passed by Value onlyObject reference are passedby Value(default), ref & out
Variable Argumentsmethod(type... args)Method(params type[] args)
Catching Exceptionstry { ... } catch (Exception ex) {...}try { ... } catch (Exception ex) {...}
Meta TypeClass klass = X.class;Type type = typeof(X);
Meta Information@Annotation[Attribute]
Static classSimulated by private Ctor and static methodsStatic class and ctor with static methods
PropertiesgetProperty(),setProperty()Property { get; set; } compiler generated get_Property() and set_Property() methods

Selenium script on Java & C#
Developed a sample selenium scripting using Java and ported to C#.

Reference Links

Moving to C# for Java Developers
Java Vs C#


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Abiya Carol said...

Java is partially compiled and partially interpreted language. That gives us the opportunity to write a program - like one above - only once, and compile it for JVM. The environment where you want to run it should now have a JRE of it’s own, to which your program will talk.

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Aeldra Robinson said...

There are many flavours of programming all requiring slightly different variations in capability. Being able to think in the abstract and visualize the whole as one builds the necessary assembly of code, whether objects or created entities is a key requirement, programming skills is actually in the legacy systems which will hang around for another 50 years and that requires real skill and ability.

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