Saturday, August 30, 2008

Converting Bitmap to GIF/JPG image

Earlier I have written a post about Automation Basics - Capturing Failures . Almost all the GUI testing tools are providing built-in functions to take the snapshot of screen. Snapshot can be taken for given screen co-ordinates or entire object.

Mostly these snapshots are stored as bitmap (*.bmp) files. Bitmap files are occupying more hard-disk space. It is difficult to maintain all the snapshots for each build in release-wise. IrfanView is a windows graphic viewer and it is a freeware utility. It has many command-line options for image related actions. You can just copy the executable file to another machine and can open or use immediately.

Syntax to Convert one image to another image format:
/convert=filename - convert input file to 'filename' and close IrfanView

Below I have given the way to implement in Silktest. This can be done for any testing tool.

[ ] //convert the image
[ ] SYS_Execute ("D:\autostuff\i_view32.exe {sBmpImage} /silent /convert={sGifImage}")

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