Saturday, June 27, 2009

Silktest Questions

Last two weeks, I was trying to compile all the silktest related questions. It helps me to dig, how much I know in Silktest. I have left out few areas. I did not cover much on the recent silktest features or additions. I have given just questions only not answers. For answers, you can try this blog - SilkTest FAQ and Technical Questions .

Silktest Basics

  1. What are the file types available in silktest and usage of that?
  2. What is the usage of SilkMeter?
  3. What is a SilkTest Agent?
  4. What is “appstate” in silk?
  5. What is the difference between appstate and testcase?
  6. What is the difference between testcase and function
  7. Can any testcase be called within another testcase?
  8. Can any testcase be called within function?
  9. How can you make shared variables in Silk?
  10. Tell me about options set file (*.opt)?
  11. What is 4test? Do you know about classic 4 test and Visual 4test?
  12. What is a test frame?
  13. Tell me silktest workflows?
  14. Where can you find all the methods for a class?
  15. What is test identifier and tag?
  16. What are the prefixes of every tag identifier while taking window declarations?
  17. If you want to record the mouse move event, then what you have to do?
  18. Explain Basic Workflow in silktest?
  19. Explain Data Driven flow in Silktest?
  20. Different types of tags and can we set the tag dynamically?
  21. What do you meant by Silk Extension?
  22. What are the different Variable pass-modes available and how will you use in scripting?
  23. How can you start one application?
  24. What do you mean by a DefaultBaseState and what role does it play in automated testing?
  25. When is the SilkTest Recovery System used?
  26. How can you run only the failed testcases in the second round of testing?
  27. How can you do database testing using silk?
  28. How will you implement immediate If statements?
  29. How silkAgent interacts with script statements?
  30. Description Equivalent to a function or method call.
  31. Array and List Declaration
  32. Can you give few of common silktest errors
  33. What are the different file opening modes available in silk?
  34. What is the difference between “Log Error”, “Log Warning”?
  35. What is the difference between “ExceptLog” and “LogError” function?
  36. How can you handle exceptions in silk?
  37. What is the difference between “raise” and “re raise” statements in silk?
  38. What are the uses of “Use Path” & “Use File” text field Silk’s option> runtime dialog box?
  39. What does it indicates “Agent.SetOption (OPT_APPREADY_TIMEOUT, 180)”?
  40. How can you identify each and every radio button under radio button group?
  41. What is extension enabler?
  42. How will you access Database, retrieve the records using Silktest? Is there any limitation?
  43. How do I add steps to DefaultBaseState?
  44. Can I call Silk Scripts from an external shell program?
  45. What are the default testplan attributes?
  46. How to define new testplan attributes?
  47. Where are the testplan attributes stored?
  48. How to assign attribute values to test cases?
  49. How to include a test case into a testplan?
  50. How record a test case into a testplan automatically?
  51. How to run all test cases in a testplan?

Application Related
  1. What are the extensions available for IE and Netscape?
  2. How can you develop script, to wait for complete navigation or what is the function to wait until browser is ready?
  3. What is the difference between Browser and Browser2 objects?
  4. How will you open a Browser (IE/Netscape/FireFox)?
  5. Why is a new layer of HtmlText being recorded by SilkTest 6.0?
  6. How can both Netscape and Internet Explorer declarations for SilkTest be consolidated into one set of declarations?
  7. What is the use of “SetUserOption”?
  8. What is the usage of "ShowBorderlessTables" option?
  9. What is the difference between BrowserChild and BrowserPage objects?
  10. How to specify a browser extension to a Web application?
  11. What is class map? What are the different ways of defining class map?
  12. What is option set? Have you ever used option set in silk?
  13. How will you invoke the application, which has login dialogbox?
  14. How will you invoke multiple applications in single test suite?
  15. Have you ever tested images using silk? What are the methods you have used?
  16. Custom objects - Not similar to any standard objects. For ex., Excel, SpreadSheet
  17. What is silk bean?
  18. What are the settings required to invoke a Java application?
  19. What are the settings required to identify Flex objects?

Advanced Silktest
  1. Explain about Open Agent
  2. Difference between Classic and Open Agent
  3. Explain about Silk4j.
  4. Explain about Extension Kit.
  5. Explain how silktest supports OOPs concepts? Give few examples.
  6. How will you extend a method, which is defined for a class?
  7. What does the recording statement do?
  8. How will you overwrite default script and Testcase procedures ?
  9. Have you automated any dynamic pages/controls? How have you done, explain?
  10. How silktest supports DLLs?
  11. How will you run the scripts into another machine?
  12. What are the steps or procedures, you will follow to make silktest suite as robust?
  13. Give an example of setting agent value at runtime?
  14. What is default base state in silk? How can you implement the default base state to its customized base state?
  15. When it is necessary to create a “plan” file instead of “suit” file in silk?
  16. What are the different tags available in “partner.ini” file?
  17. How can you define your own property set?
  18. Silk is having built in recovery system. How is it working?
  19. Few lines of code for some string manipulation operations.
  20. How do I set a option set file dynamically?
  21. How will you handle if a window has many parents?
  22. How will test the application remotely?
  23. Can you avoid the use of sleep()? How?
  24. Have you used Registry related functions?
  25. To create, or "spawn," multiple threads, which statements you will be going to use?
  26. Have you ever used “multitestcase”? Can you tell me in brief.
  27. What is LinkTester?
  28. What are the functions offered by DBTester?

Automation Framework
  1. What is automation framework?
  2. Tell me about few of the Industry standard automation frameworks
  3. Have you ever make an internationalization frame work using silk? What are the constraints you need to take care while making your silk framework as independent of OS, Language?
  4. Different types of framework with a brief explanation of each.
  5. Efficient ways of handling custom objects and Dynamically changing objects?
  6. Have you used XML and Excel files as your input data?

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