Sunday, July 12, 2009

Top 10 Silktest blogs/forums

Earlier I have seen Dmitry Motevich's post 15 QTP sites/blogs/groups/forums. Similarly I have listed for Silktest.

  1. SQA Forums
    Initially it was QAForums. Many silktest users are participating here. You can find many silktest expertise in this forum. It is having more than 50k posts and sample code.
  2. Borland Support
    Tool vendor's support site. Recently borland made compulsory service contract to access Knowledgebase articles and silktest community. It has plenty of usefull KB articles.
  3. Silktest FAQ & Tips
    Great blog for Silktest FAQ and tips. It has detailed solutions for common silktest issues.
  4. Silktest and Automation Tips
    Here user can find Silktest tips, code and automation tricks. Also covering advanced features of Silktest.
  5. Silktest tips
    One more good blog with limited posts.
  6. Silktest Yahoo groups
    It is the only active Silktest yahoo groups. One can find many expertise here.
  7. Silktest Tutorial
    Having detailed tutorials for Silktest.
  8. Silktest on QACampus
    Few more Silktest information is shared here.
  9. Darshan's blog
    Contains mixed of silktest and python posts.
  10. CSDN blog
    Many posts are in Chinese language. Has covered most of the silktest features.

Also I would like to mention few popular silktest sites, which are not available now. Many of you would have seen Bret Pettichord's Software Testing Hotlist. But most of the Silktest links are not exist today. All of them having fundamental and advanced concepts of Silktest. Also they have shared 4test sample code and white-papers.

Jeff Hemsley-OOPs and Classes concepts
Non-exist Link:
Current Page: Classes, Objects, Dynamic Instantiation and Constructors: Is 4Test Really an Object-Oriented Language?

Tony Venditti's Silk Automation Page
Non-exist Link:
Info about him: IBM page

Silktest White Papers - ameliortech
Non-exist Link:

4Test Hints and Tips
Non-exist Link:

Automation Expertise Tutorials
Non-exist Link:

Mr. Cluey's Kludge Page
Non-exist Link:

Automation on Quality Tree website
Non-exist Link:

Automation Junkies
Non-exist Link:

I think that I can put them here, If I am able to retrieve those missed pages from my storage or from others. What do you say?

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