Sunday, August 16, 2009

MicroFocus Acquisitions

Last month Borland was acquired by MicroFocus. Microfocus has acquired Compuware too. Borland and Compuware have similar kind of testing products. By these aquisitions, MicroFocus is the second largest market leading vendor in Testing tools.

Borland Testing tools:

  1. SilkTest - Functional Testing
  2. SilkPerformer -Performance Testing
  3. SilkCentral Test Manager - Test management

Compuware Testing tools:
  1. TestPartner - Functional Testing
  2. QALoad -Performance Testing
  3. QADirector - Test management

Apart from above products, Borland and compuware had other products. See the MicroFocus - Testing ASQ Products for more information.

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