Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Silktest 2010

Microfocus released silktest 2010 last month. It has few additional features and enhancements. First time, release notes are published in PDF format. SilkTest_ReleaseNotes - pdf

Silktest 2010 Features

  1. Visual Tests- SilkTest Workbench lets you quickly record and playback visual tests. Visual tests comprise the basic building
    blocks of an automated testing solution. SilkTest Workbench uses visual tests to mimic the actions that are
    performed while testing an application.
  2. Embedded Scripting Language - SilkTest Workbench's scripting language is Microsoft's Visual Basic, a robust programming language that gives
    you total control over any application running in the Microsoft .NET framework. .NET scripts contain the functionality of a high-level programming language as well as features designed specifically for software control and testing.
  3. Integration with Additional Micro Focus Products- The SilkTest product suite includes two plugins, Silk4NET and Silk4J, which both work with SilkTest Recorder. Additionally, SilkTest Workbench works with SilkCentral Test Manager (SCTM).

I was expecting Silverlight Support in this release. I know that Mirofocus were working for Silverlight support. Microfocus may release the Silverlight support in next version.

Silk4J - Java as scripting language, introduced in Silktest 2008.
Silk4NET - C# or VB.NET as scripting language, introduced in Silktest 2010

End-Of-Life (EOL) Components
Also it has announced End of support for few OS and other features. The following operating systems, features, and integrations are not supported in SilkTest 2010.
  1. SilkTest Classic 4Test outline Editor mode Note: SilkTest Classic will continue to be supported. This change will not affect most SilkTest Classic users.
  2. Windows XP SP2
  3. Windows 2003 Server
  4. Java 1.4
  5. StarTeam integration
  6. PVCS integration


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Anonymous said...

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