Wednesday, May 30, 2012 Free Automation Frameworks team has developed many frameworks for different tools like QTP, Selenium, TestPartner, e-Tester, Silktest and OpenScript. Couple of years back, frameworks are available only for QTP & Selenium

Available frameworks

  • QTP for Web Framework
  • QTP for Windows Framework
  • QTP for .NET Framework
  • QTP for .NET Syncfusion Framework
  • QTP for JAVA Framework
  • QTP for SAP Framework
  • QTP for Oracle Apps Framework
  • QTP for Flex Framework
  • QTP for PowerBuilder Framework
  • QTP for Mainframe Framework
  • Selenium for Web Framework
  • Testpartner for Web Framework
  • Testpartner for .NET Framework
  • e-Tester for Web Framework
  • SilkTest for JAVA Framework
  • SilkTest for Web Framework
  • OpenScript for Web Framework

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