Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cloud Computing and Windows Azure Platform

I was going through couple of URLs in last week and liked the way, example was given by Arun.

What is Cloud Computing?

To start with let’s understand what exactly “Cloud computing” is?

Cloud computing is providing computing resources (Software, Platform and Infrastructure) as a service over the network. Cloud computing users can use the services provided by the Cloud Computing service provider without taking the trouble of planning, procuring, building, configuring and maintaining the infrastructure. Cloud is a metaphor used for Internet.

To take a real world example, it’s more like if you need to travel from one city to another you don’t buy a train. You just buy a ticket and “pay as you use”. And train service provider will take care of maintaining trains and rail-treks and manpower. Similarly cloud computing is using computing resources managed by provider and “pay as per usage”. The service provider will take care of infrastructure management and user needs to pay only for services used.

To know more about the cloud basics, go through Arun's blog
One more article by Arun --> Windows Azure - Step by Step guide for Designing, Developing , Deploying and Administrating a Windows Azure Applications

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