Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Top 5 Requirements for test automation tool

Recently there is an interesting discussion about top five requirements. Expectations are varied in group and few interesting thoughts...

Priorities for Advanced automation tool

  1. Robust Hybrid (Keyword driven+ Data Driven, etc) framework - None of the tool vendors are giving the libraries for Keyword driven Framework
  2. Language and OS independent - Should support multiple languages or libraries developed from multiple languages. Also tests should able to run in different type of OS. If I look test automation for past 15 years, tools are started to support multiple languages in last 6 years.
  3. Multi-browser and Multi-device support. For Mobile & Table support, tool should be lightweight app. Should use less storage for installation and less memory for execution.
  4. Ability to hook/hack custom object through programming or libraries
  5. Support for Continuous Integration tools - Automatically Should be able to deploy the build and then initiate the test suites and sent the report through email or SMS or any other devices.

To see few more experts answers - Discussion - What are the top five requirements for a test automation tool?


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