Friday, January 28, 2011

Generic Test Automation Framework

So far, I have developed various automation frameworks and recently using Robot Framework. Listed many features for Ideal Automation Framework and given below. Also would like to get more features from other users.

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Features for Generic and common Test Automation Framework



Supported FrameworksFunctional Decomposition
Data Driven
Keyword Driven
Tabel Driven
Independent toOperating System
Test ScriptingRecording
Suite Setup Module
Suite TearDown Module
Test Setup Module
Test TearDown Module
Database Integration
Environment Library
Test ExecutionMultiple OS
Multiple platforms
Parallel Execution
Test Timeout
Based on Priority
Grouping Tests
Running Failed tests
Result AnalysisDetail reporting for each step execution
Snapshots for failed tests
Test level reporting
Compiled report
Results by category
Expected BenefitsLess effort to automate
Less dependence on highly skilled automation professionals
Exception handling
Easy to Maintain
Easy to Integrate with Other tools
Support to CI (Continuous Integration) tools
Additional ExpectationsDynamic conditions
Dynamic Loop support
UI to Edit data
UI to execute tests
Update test metrics automatically
Update captured defects automatically


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