Friday, January 21, 2011


Silktest 2010R2 has been released in this month and Release notes - SilkTest_ReleaseNotes_en.pdf

Microfocus has improved the support for 64 bit Operating Systems and improved the features for Silk4NET and Silk4J Plugins.

  • Java AWT/Swing Application and Applet Record and Replay Support
  • Adobe Flex Version 4.x Support
  • 64-bit Support for .NET and Windows API-based Applications
  • Default Recording Mode for xBrowser Applications is Low-Level Native User Input
  • Dynamically Invoke Methods
  • SilkTest Workbench - Importing and Exporting Assets, ObjectMaps, Embedded Scripting Language & Integration with Additional Micro Focus Products
  • SilkTest Classic - Dynamic Object Recognition Supports Recording Locator Keywords

End-Of-Life (EOL) Components
I am wondering after seeing MSUIA technology in EOL list. Without that I'm sure that no body can support silverlight automation. Are they serious about this?
  • Adobe Air 1.x
  • Classic OCR
  • Firefox 3.0
  • IBM JRE 1.5
  • Java version 1.5
  • MSUIA technology domain (the WPF technology domain is still supported)

This time, Microfocus has developed few more documents and I like the effort for Migrating from the SilkTest Classic Agent to the Open Agent. More details from below links:
Silktest 2010R2 Release materials
Silktest 2010R2 Classic Documentation

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