Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Silktest 2008 Release

Much awaited Silktest 2008 was released in this month. This time the trial version of Silktest 2008 is available for 30 days. Now silktest supports Adobe Flex and IBM JRE environment. Silktest is having a new agent to communicate with Adobe Flex and Windows API-based client/server applications.

To get more info about this new release, you can go through following links.

What's New in Silktest 2008:

  1. New SilkTest Open Agent

  2. SilkTest Default Agent

  3. Adobe Flex Support

  4. Adobe Flex Sample Applications

  5. Animated Run Mode (Slow-Motion)

  6. TrueLog Generation Can Be Turned Off or On Using the Run Testcase Dialog

  7. Use ANSI Calls Available from the Agent Options Dialog

  8. DOM Extensions Dialog Includes List Item Option

  9. IBM JRE Support

  10. Two new 4Test keywords - supported_ca & supported_oa

  11. New Functions for the SilkTest Agent

  12. Open Source Libraries - Groovy & XStream

  13. Several icons and dialog boxes look and feel - Revised in Silktest Host

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