Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SilkTest - Convert .jou to results file

Journal (*.jou) file is created, While SilkTest scripts are running. Results are stored temporarily in this. Journal file is converted to a .res file, when the script finishes running.

You re-run that particular script/plan/suite file for a testcase and then stopped manually within 5-10 minutes. In the results file, You can see the results for previous run Or select the previous results. There you can see the results of previous execution.

Remove the jou file, if SilkTest reports the error "Could not open results file."


Dreamer said...


When a Jou file is created, is there any way to convert it and retrieve it to see the results ?

Volodymyr said...

Yes, just back-up (or delete) original .res file and rename from .jou to .res