Thursday, May 22, 2008

Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (APPN)

In my first job, I used to store few tech terms as texts. One such thing is given below.

Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (APPN), part of IBM's Systems Network Architecture (SNA), is a group of protocols for setting up or configuring program-to-program communication within an IBM SNA network. Using APPN, a group of computers can be automatically configured by one of the computers acting as a network controller so that peer programs in various computers will be able to communicate with other using specified network routing.
APPN features include:

Better distributed network control; because the organization is peer-to-peer rather than solely hierarchical, terminal failures can be isolated Dynamic peer-to-peer exchange of information about network topology, which enables easier connections, reconfigurations, and routing Dynamic definition of available network resources, Automation of resouce registration and directory lookup

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