Monday, May 19, 2008

Silktest - Reference Operator '@'

Silktest uses '@' symbol for different purposes. This reference operator (@) can be used to refer functions and variables indirectly, by name. It uses the value of its operand to refer to variable, the fields in a record, function, method, property or child window. You can use reference operator in following ways:

Case 1:
1. Used to refer a window object

Case 2:
2. Used to refer method or function
wLeftframe.Links.@(sPropReload)( )

Case 3:
3. To refer a member of record type
adAlert.@sComments = "My Comments"


BRU said...

Hi Palani,

Nice stuff....

Pls provide details abouts Psuedo tags in Silk test....

Palani Selvam said...


Welcome. You can mention that you interested topics.

I didn't get, what do you meant by Pseudo tags.

BRU said...

I have asked about psuedo tags..

Palani Selvam said...

I donno about psuedo tags. Even I am unable to find "psuedo tags" from silktest help.

Can you please explain, what do you meant by psuedo tags?