Friday, May 9, 2008

Deleting temporary files

It is a better practice to compile all your scripts, before running for a build. I have written a simple DOS batch script, which deletes the given temporary files. I have done this for Silktest.

You can put following code into a batch (*.bat) file and put under your scripts directory. Also You can modify as per your requirements.

rem ******************************
echo on

rem *****************************************
rem * Delete Silktest temporary files*
rem *****************************************

cd ../
del *.ino /S /Q
del *.in_ /S /Q
del *.res /S /Q
del *.to /S /Q
del *.t_ /S /Q
del *.s_ /S /Q
del *.bak /S /Q
rem del *.xls /S /Q
Rem del *.bmp /S /Q
del *.gif /S /Q

rem "All temporary files are deleted."
rem ******************************

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