Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Silktest - Unable to start Internet Explorer

Most of the silktest engineers would have faced this problem. I have got the same problem couple of times and rectified. Thats why, I thought to put into blog.

Sometimes, we may get like below, while trying to enable extensions for browser.

Extension Settings
SilkTest detected a Client/Server application.
The required Extension has been enabled.

Problem Description
Few Silktest DLLs might have corrupted for that profile (Say network userid). Thats why it is throwing that error.

In that same machine, login as other user and run the same scripts.
If it works fine, delete your primary user profile -> restart the machine-> login as the same primary user. Then the scripts will work.
If it doesn't work, you have to check your Browser. Try to reinstall IE and run the scripts. Otherwise repair IE.

For IE7, You may need to reinstall Silktest again.


Anonymous said...

How to make plan file in silktest

Palani Selvam said...

See the Silktest help for Testplan overview....