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Comparison between SilkTest and QuickTest Professional

Two months back, I thought to write a post about SilkTest and QTP comparison. Both the tools are market-leading testing tools. The latest versions of both tools have Vista and Flex support. I did not give any detailed description for each feature or item.

Product page
Here I have listed the product pages for both.
Silktest Product Page
Quick Test Professional Product page

Wiki pages
Silktest on Wiki
QuickTestProfessional (QTP) on Wiki

Code samples for both tools
Sample 4test code snippets for SilkTest
Sample QTP and VB Script code snippets



  2. WinRunner vs. QuickTest Pro Quick Comparison - By Shawn LoPorto, Senior Test Automation Architect

  3. AUTOMATION TEST TOOLS - By Ray Robinson, 2001

  4. Comparision of Web testing tools

Comparison Table: SilkTest Vs QuickTest Professional



QuickTest Professional

Recording ScriptRecorder available with different set of features.Recorder available with different set of features.
OS Windows upto Vista, Unix (SilkBean)Windows upto Vista, Unix (Xrunner)
Browsers supportInternet Explorer, Netscape, FireFox, AOLInternet Explorer, Netscape, FireFox, AOL
Database testsWith the help of DSN (ODBC32 Interface)With the help of DSN (ODBC32 Interface) plus VB Scripting
Data functionsGoodGood. Having extensive support for SpreadSheet (Excel).
TestsTermed as Testcase. Each Testcase has block of coding statements.Termed as Actions. Each Action has block of coding statements.
Test ScriptScript is a single file.Actually Script is a folder and have set of supporting files.
Code ViewClassic 4Test, Visual 4TestKeyword View, Expert View
Objects RepositoryOfficial term is Window declarations. They can be edited directly from the Editor.Maintained as separate file. With the help of utility, objects are modified. Two types as per QTP setting. They are 'Per Action Repository' and 'Shared Repository'. File extensions will be varied for each type.
Dynamic objectsObject properties can be passed dynamically. Variety of methods available to handle them.Object properties can be passed dynamically. Another term is known as Descriptive Programming.
Class MappingClass Mapping is available.Class Mapping is available.
Custom ClassesRecorderClass and Extension Kit are available.Virutal Object Wizards available.
Image testingBitmap Capture and Verification functions.Bitmap Capture and Verification functions.
Test/Error RecoveryPowerful Recovery system available.Recovery Manager
VerificationProvided Verify and Verify Properties functions.Provided check points for different purposes.
Results ReportingResults are stored into *.res binary files. It can be converted into differnt formats. Multiple versions can be stored into single file.QTP results are stroed as XML files and can be converted to HTML files. Result folder contain many files. One result folder can store results for only one run.
Test Management Tool IntegrationIntegrated with SilkCentral Test Manager.Integrated with Quality Center.
Distributed TestingRemote Agent.Having Remote COM Agent.
DLL support Only Standard DLLs. It does not support the COM/ActiveX DLLs, which are created by VB/.NET.Both COM and Standard DLLs are supported.
Java SupportYesYes
Flex Support Available to certain extent.Available to certain extent.
DotNet SupportYesYes
Internatioalization (i18N) Support YesYes
Timer functionsHaving rich set of functions to calculate time taken for block of statements or testcases. Help: TimersHaving limited functions to calculate time taken for block of statements or actions. Help: Measuring Transactions
Environment support Can access OS level variables.Can access OS level variables.
Batch RunSuite (*.s) and Test plan (*.pln) are available.Test Batch Runner utility.
Coding 4Test Language. Similar to Visual Basic
Ability to run multiple scripts consistantly and continuously.YesShould run from Quality Center.
Coding Style 4Test Language. Similar to C++Visual Basic Script
Integration with External librariesNO VB Script libraries.
Code Samples Few samples from vendor. Few samples from vendor. But many VB Script samples available on Internet.
OOPs SupportYes. Oops concepts are supported for certain extent. User can extend standard classes.NO
Data types Set of data types are available. User can create their own data types also. Set of data types are available. User cannot create their own data types
Interactive DebuggingDebugging features available.Debugging steps available.
Ease of use Just record and playback, won't help. Medium. Record and playback used to help. Very Simple. Easy to learn.
DocumentationHLP file available. PDF docs are only for beginners.Both CHM and PDF files are available. Enough info.
Tool Updates Continuing process. Continuing process.
Cost~$9KMore than $10K
Script Templates Manual. No Ways to create automatic templates. Manual. No Ways to create automatic templates.
EditorGood. Simple one. Having Project explorer similar to MS Visual Studio.Better one with nice look. But using tabs to show more than one script.
Tool Support Tool support is available for only latest versions (from silktest 8.0 ) Tool support is available for only latest versions.
Latest VersionSilktest 2008QuickTest Professional 9.5
Strengths Good Development language, good online community, recovery system, Good cross browser support, Code MaintenanceThe most popular test tool by great user base, plenty of jobs, good online community, Good cross browser support.
WeaknessesHelpdesk, Slightly expensive, Skilled resourcesHelpdesk (Getting bad now), Expensive tool.
Vendor Borland. Initially developed by Segue. Borland acquired Segue on 2006. HP (Hewlett-Packard). Initially developed by Mercury Interactive. HP acquired Mercury on 2006.
Product Name Changes Initially QA Partner. Later changed to SilkTest.Initially Astra QuickTest. Later changed to QuickTest Professional.

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Anonymous said...

Couple of small corrections. The test language is actually a lot closer to basic than c++. Also Borland now support the use of Java as a scripting language. Lots of interesting possibilities there...

Palani Selvam said...

Java is introduced in Silktest 2008. Then Classic 4Test view is very similar to C++. Also syntax will give you similar to C++. You can see this post Keywords Comparison: SilkTest Vs C Language

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Very nice comparison.

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