Friday, June 13, 2008

Tool Comparison - Silktest Versus VisualTest

You will not get the difference between Silktest and VisualTest in the web. Thats why I thought to update it. See the comparison below.




OSWindows, UnixWindows
BrowsersInternet Explorer, Netscape, FireFoxOnly Internet Explorer
RecorderMouse Clicks and Context SensitiveOnly Mouse Clicks and Keyboard Events
VerificationRecorder and code can be usedNeeds to write lot of code
ResultsResults are stored into *.res files. It can be converted into differnt formatsSuite Manager has the flexibility. Otherwise will output to View Port.
Batch RunSuite (*.s) and Test plan (*.pln) are available.Suite Manager is available.
DLL supportOnly Standard DLLs. It does not support the DLLs, which are created by VBSupporting Standard and COM Dlls
Java SupportSupports all Java componentsSupport for only AWT package
InternatioalizationSupport is availableNo
DocumentationHLP file available. PDF docs are only for beginners.Only HLP file available. Adequate.
Distributed Testing4test scripts can be run in multiple systems from single machine.Not Known
Tool SupportTool support is available for only latest versions (from silktest 8.0 )No
UpdatesContinue process. Latest version is Silktest 2008Product updates were stopped seven years ago (from Version 6.5 )
Cost ~$9000 + Support costLess than $1000
Script TemplatesManualAutomatic Templates
EditorBetter OneGood
Coding 4Test Language. Similar to Visual Basic

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