Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Silktest - Difference between tag and identifier

Sometimes testers are confused with tag and identifier. Thats why, I prepared this post.

Identifier is equal to a variable and it holds the object's reference. The Constraints, which is applicable for variable, is applicable for identifier also. You can not give special characters such as space, dollar etc into the identifier.
Testcases use the identifier to refer to an object. In Winrunner, it is referred as Logical Name.

Tag is a string information, which contains the object details. Tag is the physical description of the object. SilkTest uses the tag to identify objects in the application under test when recording and when executing testcases. Testcases never use the tag to refer to an object. Tags are classified as tag and multitag.

Types of tags:

  1. Caption

  2. Prior text

  3. Index

  4. Window ID

  5. Location

  6. Attributes - only for HTML objects (Added from Silktest 2006).

More details: See the Silktest help for tag: definition

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