Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Silktest - Compilation Warning

We have one silktest suite, which was developed by using lower version of Silktest. Three years back, We ported that suite to Silktest 6.5. After that no changes are done in the script. While compiling the script in Silktest 7.1 and Silktest 2006, I was getting following warnings. Since it is working fine and Nobody tried to solve this warnings.

d:\scripts\myaut\includes\elementprops.inc(713) *** Warning: Function SelectExistingFormula is not defined for window ElementProperties.Formulas

I searched Silktest Help to see the compilation warning. No documentation about that. I searched in Google and got following results from different release notes.

silk8.0 (SilkTest 2006) ReleaseNotes
When using AutoComplete, the member list occasionally may reveal methods that are not valid for the 4Test class. The compiler will not catch these usage problems, but at Runtime the following exception will be raised when the script is played back:

*** Error: Function <invalid method> is not defined for <window class>.

silk2006 R2 ReleaseNotes
The MoveMouse() method is not defined for the Menu and MenuItem classes.

But None of them are useful. Then I tried each warning and corrected now.

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