Thursday, June 19, 2008

.opt files in Silk test

Definition for .opt file extension
Configuration file that contains preferences and options settings for a specific program; modified by the program when the user selects different options within the program.

OPT files are referenced by several programs including Borland Delphi and SilkTest, Microsoft Visual Studio, Symantec pcAnywhere, and Macrovision FLEXnet Manager.

Options Sets Usage in Silktest
Options sets save all current options except General Options. Options sets can be very useful when trying to use the same scripts on different operating systems. The primary differences between the two may be compiler constants.

You can use options set for following purposes.

  1. To save and load the Silktest Project settings

  2. Run a plan file for particular settings

  3. Specify your options set file, while running from command prompt

See a sample batch file to run the scripts by using options set.
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