Friday, March 21, 2008

Silktest - Run script in different browsers

SilkTest has options set feature. It is used to save the required silktest settings. I have used batch file to run the script for different browsers. It is easy to run your scripts, without any settings manually.

Below batch file is run for My_IE6DOM.opt (option set). You can try for suite instead of script-wise.


rem ******************************************************
rem Used to run the scripts for different option sets
rem *******************************************************

rem * Setting path to SilkTest application *
set APP_SILK="c:\Program Files\Segue\SilkTest\partner.exe"

rem * Setting path to Silk source *
set SRC_SILK=C:\Automation\AUT\Silk

rem * Setting SilkTest options file*

rem *****************************************
rem * Running Security test suite *
rem *****************************************

rem * Running Security Options test script *
%APP_SILK% -q -opt %SRC_OPTIONS% -r %SRC_SILK%\scripts\security.t

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