Thursday, March 6, 2008

Silktest - Mouse Coordinates Off

Every Silktest automation engineer should have faced this problem. Generally this error is raised if the object co-ordinates are bit higher than total size of the monitor. Sometimes, silktest is not able to scroll down to click particular objects. This problem may occur due to Resolution Change or dual monitor setup.

In this situation, You can do following things and use the better one.

1. Clear the following options from Options->Agent Options.

  • Verify that windows are exposed

  • Verify that coordinates passed to a method are inside the window

OR Set by coding . Set agent option like this -> Agent.SetOption (OPT_VERIFY_COORD, FALSE)

2. Try to use ScrollIntoView() or setFocus().

3. DoClick () method if that particular object has support.

4. Write a function to click particular object, which is outside of the monitor co-ordinates.

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