Wednesday, March 19, 2008

FireFox Vs Internet Explorer

I have used different browsers such as Netscape, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox and few more. Earlier I used netscape and Internet Explorer regularly. But now I am using often Firefox and Internet explorer. It helps me to do browser compatibility testing.

In 2005, I started to use FireFox browser and it has many advantages while comparing with Internet explorer. Now Most of the sites are supporting Firefox also. I like the features such as tabbed browsing, popup blocker and download manager. These features are not upto the mark in IE. Opera browser already has similar to tabbed browsing. Opera is not popular as Firefox. Current IE7 is not fast as Firefox and also having security issues. Firefox has greater ease of use and more personalization options. It has improved performance and security features.

I am comfortable with firefox than IE. I heard that IE version 8 and FF version 3 are going to be released soon. Searched net for comparison. Got two interesting pages. Some old Comparison around 2004. Recent comparison is available here

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