Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Web Testing & Client server testing

Server process:

 Server programs generally receive requests from client programs, execute database retrieval
and updates, manage data integrity
and dispatch responses to client requests. The serverprocess acts as a software engine
that manages shared resources such as databases, printers, communication links, or high
powered-processors.It is the backend process of the application.

Client process:

Client programs usually manage the user-interface portion of theapplication, validate data
entered by the user, dispatch requests toserver programs, and sometimes execute business logic.
The client-based process is the front-end of the application.It is the interaction between the user and the rest of the application

In client server testing test engineer are conduct the following testings:-

1.Behaviour testing(GUI TESTING)

2.Input domain testing

3.Error Handling testing

4.Backend testing

In Web testing test engineer are condut the following testings:-

1.Behaviour Testing

2.Static web testing

3.Input domain testing

4.Backend testing

5.Error handling testing

5.Frame Level testing

Difference between Application server and Web server:

Application server

Web server

Developers can create, test, and execute application components

It is designed to create and deploy Web site, serving up content more so than applications.

These are typically J2EE-based, running EJBs or other Java components.

It supports JSP,servlets and ASP

Application servers are designed to create true applications with complex business logic,

Web servers are technology designed to create and deploy Web site serving
up content more so than applications, serving

Application Server supports HTTP,TCP/IP and many more protocols.

A Web Server understands and supports only HTTP protocol


Nirmala said...

Hi Chitra,

Its a nice explanation, but the table are not proper, I am not able to see complete scentence. please Test when it is online


Chitra Palani said...

Thanks for your comment.I solved that problem.Now you can read clearly.Keep on watching our blog.

nirmala said...

Thanks for that, can you please tell me, is there any tool in which the scripts are written in VB or any high level language.

Chitra Palani said...

You can use VBscript in QTP.Are you working?.can you send me your e-mail ID.

ursgokul said...


can u provide full details reg web testing (steps involved in web testing )

Palani Selvam said...

You need to tell specific areas.

Web Testing is similar to other products testing. In web Testing, You can do different testing methods. You may do Usability testing, Fail over testing, Load Testing, Log Testing, Security testing with your usual testing procedures. All the above methods depend on your client's requirements.

neetu said...

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jimi said...

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