Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Silktest - Click Vs DoClick

Silktest has two different click methods. DoClick method is available for browser objects. Below I have given a comparison between Click and DoClick.

Click Method
Click means, silktest is doing physical mouse click. This method can be used for any type of object.

DoClick Method
DoClick means, silktest simulates browser click (DOM Click) and you cannot see physically. It will be worked only for few of web-based objects. It is not available for all objects.

Upto Silktest7.5
DoClick supported classes are HtmlLink class, HtmlImage, and HtmlPushButton for Internet Explorer DOM only. For Netscape 6, the DoClick method works only for menus and controls on the Netscape Navigator 6 toolbar.

DoClick method available classes are HtmlCheckBox, HtmlColumn, HtmlHeading, HtmlImage, HtmlLink class, HtmlMarquee, HtmlPushButton, HtmlRadioButton, HtmlText, and HtmlTextField. The API click functionality is changed and an option is given for Compatibility.

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