Monday, March 17, 2008


Globalization :
It is a precess of developing,manufacturing,marketing software products that are intended for worldwide distribution.It is achieved through
Internationalization and Localization.


  • It is the process of designing an application to adapt to different languages and regions.
  • It is often appreviated as I18N or i18n or i18N.Where the number 18 refer to the number of letters omitted.
  • I+n1t2e3r4n5a6t7i8o9n10a11l12i13z14a15t16i17o18+n.
  • Build once we can sell anywhere.
  • Translation is easy.
  • Addition of localization data the same executable can be run worldwide.

  • It is the process of adopting software for a specific language or region.
  • It is a process of translating software user interface from one language to another.
  • It is appreviated as L10n.
  • During localization,some references to history or culture are replaced with an equivalentnative reference which ideally doesnot change the meaning of the statement.

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