Friday, February 22, 2008

Automation Tool support

In my first job, I used to automate by using VisualTest. There is no updates, after IBM acquired Rational. In this year, the yahoogroups also removed. VisualTest is a simple and powerful tool. Similarly Segue was acquired by Borland. Initially Borland took much time to set the updates on Silktest and Silkperformer. Later it announced that older versions of Silktest and silkperformer will not have support. Now its time for HP-Mercury.

Yesterday I got a mail from my friend. It said that HP is going to stop support for Winrunner. PDF is available here. There is a solution to migrate winrunner scripts to QuickTestProfessional. It is available at win-quick I donot know how much painful task it is for each company.

The frequent acquisitions are making many questions among to automation engineers.

1. Whether this product will be promoted?
2. Whether the updates will be added frequently as per changing technology?
3. What will happen to future if the product is ended?
4. How will be job market for this particular tool?

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