Sunday, February 24, 2008

Phases in SDLC

Five different phases in software development lifecycle:

Each phase has a defined input and a defined output.

  • Requirement analysis
  • Design analysis
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance




Requirement Analysis

Get the requirements from client and problem definition.

Get the details of functionality and nonfunctionality requirements and Software requirement specifications (SRS)has to be written.

Design Analysis

Discuss about software requirement specifications(SRS) and analyze development of the architecture and design of the algorithms

It gives validated design document and details of various modules and the details of logic and algorithms


Validated design architects is given to programmer.They are able to do the coding.

Source code.Code in a given programming language.


The source code is converted into an executable code and various inputs are given.When wrong output is reflected defect is analyzed.

Completetely tested software that means Bug free software wil get.


It involves configuration management of the work product keeping track of the feedback from the client.

Customer satifaction

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