Monday, February 18, 2008

Tip1 - To measure the App or System performance

Using Windows Performance monitor, we can collct performance data automatically from local or remote computers. Below steps will give you, how to set the counter in your machine or server. Depends upon the options, user can set any type of counter.

1. GoTo Start->Run
2. Type "PerfMon" and Click OK button.
3. It will open performance app window.
4. GoTO Performance Logs and Alerts-> Counter Logs.
5. In the Right side Pane, right click on empty space and select 'New Log Settings'.
6. Enter the name for the log file.
7. In General Tab, you can see log file name. Click Add counter button.
8. Select that computer, 'Processor' as performance Object, '%Proccessor Time' as selected counter from list.
9. Also 'Total' as selected instance from list and click Add button.
10. Again select 'Memory' as performance Object, 'Availabile MBytes' as selected counter from list.
11. click Add button and close button. Set interval period.
12. Goto LogFiles TAB. Give log files path. Select 'Text File - CSV' as your log type and click apply button.
13. GoTo Schedule TAB and select manually.
14. Now setting entry has been created. To Run, Select that entry and Right click and select Start, before running your application.

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