Friday, February 22, 2008

LinkTester - An Overview

In DotCom boom, Link testing is much popular. At that time, many tools and utilities are developed for link testing. It is mainly used to verify the site links in all pages. Now mostly used for documentation testing. Silktest is the only tool, contains link testing utility. Link Tester is a feature in SilkTest.

Link Tester is used to identify problems with hyperlinks in web sites/pages. It tests both standard hyperlinks, which link pages or an image to a URL, and visible links, which are links that exist on a web page but are not displayed in a certain context, for example image rollovers.

Linktester can be used only for HTTP URLs, It will not work for HTTPS(SSL) urls. I donno the limit of depth. But documentation recommends depth for 2. You can do by coding or accessing Tools->LinkTester.

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