Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Automation White Papers

I used to search framework papers, While starting automation in my first company. I have collected few links and docs. Some of them are not valid today. Listed favorite links in SQA Forums.

My Favorite papers
1. Totally Data-Driven Automated Testing by Keith Zambelich

2. Test Automation Frameworks by Carl J. Nagle

3. Architectures of Test Automation by Cem Kaner

4. Test Automation Snake Oil by James Bach

5. Success with Test Automation by Bret Pettichord

6. Seven Steps to Test Automation Success by Bret Pettichord

7. "When Should a Test Be Automated?" (Brian Marick)

8. Choosing a test automation framework from IBM


Dhanasekar said...

Here is the alternative link for "Totally Date driven automated testing"
Dhanasekar S

Dhanasekar said...

Sorry for the typo,it should be "Totally Data Driven Automated Testing" :-)
--Dhanasekar S

Palani Selvam said...

Thanks for the URL. Actually I was looking for that.

Pegasie said...

Thanks for sharing the post. This post have some nice link shared regarding automation Testing. Automation Testing tools are the tools which are used in automated manners not as mannual. So this post is really nice content shared.

Automation Testing