Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Testing levels

Levels of Testing:
The whole software can not be tested at a time,so a practical approach is to divide the testing process into different levels.To start with each unit is tested separately and then the modules have to be built from the units and the modules are tested.Then the modules are combined together and the system is built and tested.

Unit Testing:This testing is done to test the source code.Unit is the smallest piece of code that can be tested independently.This testing is done by the development team.After this testing units are combined into modules and then modules testing is carried out.

Integration testing:This testing is done to test the design.Testing is carried out while combining different modules of a software package.Each module is tested separately and then modules are integrated and testing is carried out.In this testing debugging is easier by incrementally building the software.

System testing:Testing is done to test the SRS(Software Requirement Specifications).After all the modules are combined together the system testing is carried out.Functional and performance testing are done during system testing.

Acceptance Testing:Testing carriedout by the client to accept the software.This test procedure is prepared by the QA team inassociation with the client and testing is carried out as per this procedure.

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